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Washing machines are great for keeping your clothes clean and fresh. But they can also be a real pain if they break down! If you have an LG or Samsung washing machine, we can help you repair it right away. Our technicians will come to your home or office and fix the problem with your washing machine so that it continues to do its job of cleaning your clothes. If you need a new pump or motor, no problem! We’ll make sure your machine is working perfectly again in no time at all!

Washing Machine Repair in Al Duhaisah, Ras Al Khaimah

Washing Machine Repair in Al Duhaisah, Ras Al Khaimah

Al Duhaisah is one of the top areas in Ras Al Khaimah that has a high demand for Washing Machine Repair services. We know the value of time and money and are ready to provide you with expert Washing Machine Repair services at an affordable price.

We have been providing quality washing machine repair solutions for more than 10 years now. Our technicians are highly experienced, trained and equipped with all the latest tools needed for repairing any type of washing machine quickly.

Power Issue

When you get a power issue, it’s easy to fix.

  • Check that the power supply isn’t working. This can happen if there is a problem with the outlet or if the cable has been damaged.
  • Ensure that the power supply has been turned off by mistake. If so, turn it on again and see if your washing machine is now working as normal.
  • Check whether your washing machine is connected to a fuse box by checking its plug and see if any damage has occurred in this area which could have caused the problem with not being able to use it anymore because of other reasons too like tripping over when trying to push buttons etcetera

Although rust is a common problem for washing machines, it can have serious consequences for your home and health.

Rust is caused by moisture or calcium deposits inside your machine. If left untreated, rust will cause permanent damage to the drum and internal components of your machine. The most obvious sign of rust is a brown discoloration on the outside of your washing machine drum; however, this discoloration may also appear in the form of yellowing or white spots inside the drum itself.

Rust can also lead to a number of other problems such as mold growth due to water retention within crevices where air cannot reach them to dry out; clothes that become stained with iron deposits when washed in rusty machines; and bacterial growth that causes unpleasant odors in areas where wet clothes are stored near other household items like books or furniture upholstery materials

Water Leakage

The problem of leakage from the washing machine is a common complaint, and one that needs to be addressed immediately. Leakage can result in damage to your flooring, as well as damage to other laundry appliances.

To check for leakage:

  • Make sure the washer is unplugged before you do anything else!
  • Open up the lid of your washing machine and look inside at its base (underneath where water comes out). Check for any signs of wetness or moisture on the bottom of it—this means there’s been a leak somewhere inside your appliance!
  • If you don’t see any leaks in this area, try flipping over your washer and looking underneath it (you might need someone to help lift it if they’re heavy). This will help make sure there aren’t any leaks anywhere else on its inner walls or floor either—if so then contact us immediately so we can come fix them for you today!
Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is a part of your washing machine that allows water to flow into the machine. The water inlet valve may become clogged with sediment or mineral deposits, which can cause it to malfunction and prevent water from entering. Water inlet valves can also be damaged from overheating, which can occur over time if there is not enough clearance between the top of your washing machine door and its threshold (this prevents heat transfer). Additionally, power surges or lightning strikes can damage your washing machine’s water inlet valve as well.

Faulty Wash Motor

The wash motor is basically the heart of your washing machine. It’s responsible for spinning the drum, which in turn agitates and washes clothes. If you’ve noticed that your clothes aren’t getting clean or are coming out wrinkled, it could be because of a faulty wash motor.

In order to understand how it works, we should first explain how a front load washer operates. The purpose of a front load washing machine is simple: fill up with water and then spin around at high speed so that dirty clothes get clean! A front load washing machine usually has three components:

  • Wash tub – this holds all of our dirty laundry!
  • Drive motor (Wash Motor) – spins the wash tub around at high speeds as soon as we turn on our washing machine
  • Control panel – has buttons to program different functions on your washer
Faulty Pumps
  • Faulty Pumps: Your washing machine has one or more pumps that pump water into the tub, and a drain pump that sucks out dirty water. If your washing machine is having problems with either of these pumps, it will not drain properly and you’ll need to call a professional.
  • Faulty Water Inlet Valve: The water inlet valve keeps the right amount of detergent mixed with water so it can be washed away by the wash motor. If this valve isn’t working properly, it may cause other issues such as a cracked tub or leaking hoses.
  • Faulty Wash Motor: The washing motor spins your clothes around in fast circles with high-powered jets of water during each cycle so they get clean enough for you to wear again! If there’s some sort of problem with this component, then things won’t be getting cleaned up properly–and this could lead to mold growth inside your home!
Water Pump

A water pump is a mechanical device that moves water through a pipe. It’s one of the most important parts of any washing machine, as it allows the machine to work properly.

Getting your washing machine repaired so it continues to do its job of cleaning your clothes can help you save time and money. Not to mention, the hassle of leaving your home to go the Laundromat. We will send a technician from our team at easyfix.ae to come to you and make any needed repairs. If you have an LG washing machine or Samsung washing machine, a technician can come and fix that for you as well.

  • The cost will depend on the problem and how much time it takes to fix it.
  • You can book a technician by calling us at 0529331066
  • If you have a problem with your washing machine, please call us immediately as we can come and make repairs to your machine as soon as possible

Our team of technicians is ready and willing to help you with any problems that may arise with your washing machine. We can fix any problem you might be having, whether it’s a faulty motor or pump on an LG or Samsung machine, or a power issue causing rust in the pipes of your home or apartment building.

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