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Whirlpool has been a trusted name in the home appliance industry since 1911. It’s one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of home appliances in the world, supplying high-quality products to consumers worldwide. Whirlpool is also renowned for its long-lasting durability and energy efficiency, which makes it an ideal choice for your home or business.

Whirlpool Service Center
Whirlpool Service Center

Whirlpool Service Centre In Dubai

Whirlpool Service Centre In Dubai is the one stop destination for all your needs and queries related to Whirlpool appliances or products. The service centre provides a wide range of services for all types of products like washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers etc., from different brands such as Whirlpool itself or other leading brands in the industry like Samsung, LG etc..

The main purpose behind establishing this service centre was to provide an easy access to customers where they could get their problems resolved at ease without having any trouble whatsoever. The professionals working at these centres are highly trained and experienced in solving any technical issues related to Kitchen Appliances such as Refrigerators or Washing Machines etc..

Whirlpool Service Centre In Sharjah

We provide services for all types of appliances including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines etcetera from different companies including LG Electronics Inc., Haier Group Co., Ltd., Midea Group Co Ltd., Bosch Gmbh & Co KG (Bosch), Siemens AG (Siemens) etcetera These companies use different parts for their products so there might be differences between how each individual model operates but we always strive hard towards providing excellent customer service regardless where our clients come from! This means no matter whether your appliance is made by Samsung Electronics Company Limited or AEG Appliances We will find out what needs fixing first before working on it ourselves because this will save precious time along with lowering costs overall which benefits both parties involved (you as well).

Whirlpool Service Centre In Ajman

We are the best Whirlpool service centre in Ajman. We provide best services for all models of Whirlpool refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers. Our technicians are well trained and experienced to solve any problem regarding your appliance within short time. We are available at your door step to resolve all kinds of issues related to your home appliances.

Whirlpool Service Centre In Umm Al Quwain

The Whirlpool service center in Umm Al Quwain provides maintenance and repair services on all leading brands of appliances including ovens, washers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers etc., at affordable prices. You can contact us by filling up the form or calling our customer service number +971 527465383 for any query related to your product – we will get back to you within 24 hours! Our team can also arrange free pick-up from your doorstep if required so that you don’t have to worry about transportation costs when calling us for repair services. So what are you waiting for? Call now!

Whirlpool Service Centre In Ras Al Khaimah

We are Whirlpool Service Centre In Ras al Khaimah. We provide services of Whirlpool Air Conditioner, Whirlpool Fridge and Whirlpool Washing Machine in Ajman. We also provide services on Samsung, Daikin, LG, Hitachi, Carrier and Panasonic ACs.

Our Promise To You

We are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible home appliance service. Our staff will provide a prompt, reliable and courteous service for all the repairs that you need to be done in your home or office.

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our services. We understand that you might have been disappointed with some of the previous companies you have hired in the past, but we promise not to let you down! We take great pride in our work and we won’t stop until we’ve made sure your appliances are performing just as well as they did when they were first purchased!

Solutions for all Whirlpool Appliances

In case you are looking for WHIRLPOOL service center in UAE, then you can rely on us. We provide the best services for all types of Whirlpool appliances. Our team of skilled technicians will repair your appliance without any delay and you can be assured about the quality of our work. We also provide after sales services such as repairing, servicing or maintenance work for appliances from all brands like LG, Samsung, Haier etc., so you will not have to go anywhere else if your appliance needs repairing or servicing while we are offering complete solutions for all kinds of appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers etc.; we also offer complete solutions related to air conditioners by providing excellent services ranging from installation to maintenance services at affordable prices which is why our customers keep coming back again and again because they know that they will get quality products with great service as well!

Our Services

  • Our services are available in all the Emirates.

  • We have a team of highly trained and certified technicians.

  • We provide best after sales service with free pick-up & delivery and warranty on parts & services.

Our Team

Our team is well-trained and experienced to handle all kinds of repairs, whether they are simple or complex. We have a complete range of tools and equipment necessary for carrying out the repair work effectively and efficiently. Our technicians work with the latest technology to solve all your issues quickly.

Contact Us

Durat al Emirates electrical & sanitary

Phone: 0529331066


We are here to serve you! Our Whirlpool service centre in Sharjah is open from 9AM to 7PM daily, and we’re happy to help with any problem that may arise.

Whirlpool Appliance We Repair:

  • Whirlpool refrigerators repair in Dubai
  • Whirlpool washing machine Repair in Dubai
  • Whirlpool dishwasher repair in Dubai

  • Whirlpool refrigerators repair in Sharjah
  • Whirlpool washing machine Repair in Sharjah
  • Whirlpool dishwasher repair in Sharjah

  • Whirlpool refrigerators repair in Ajman
  • Whirlpool washing machine Repair in Ajman
  • Whirlpool dishwasher repair in Ajman

  • Whirlpool refrigerators repair in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Whirlpool washing machine Repair in Ras Al Khaimah
  • Whirlpool dishwasher repair in Ras Al Khaimah

  • Whirlpool refrigerators repair in Umm Al Quwain
  • Whirlpool washing machine Repair in Umm Al Quwain
  • Whirlpool dishwasher repair in Umm Al Quwain



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