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If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable washing machine repair company in Al Ghafia, Sharjah, look no further. We’ve been serving the area for years and we have a great reputation for providing quality service at a fair price. We can help with any problem you have with your washing machine—from the most basic repairs to full replacement—and we’ll get it done fast. If you need your laundry done right away, we can do that too! No matter what kind of machine you have or what kind of problem you’re having, our technicians are experts in handling all kinds of machines and they’ll get your machine back up and running quickly so you can get back to doing what matters most: living life!

Washing Machine Repair in Al Ghafia, Sharjah

We provide Washing Machine Repair in Al Ghafia, Sharjah that comes with an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of services including installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of all types of washing machines.

We are a professional washing machine repair company with years of experience. We offer services for all types of washing machines. We can fix your washing machine even if you’re not sure what’s wrong with it!

In Al Ghafia, Sharjah, there’s no need to worry about your washing machine repair.

We can help you with any kind of problem that you might be having with your appliance, including:

-Leaking water

-Clogged drain

-Noisy operation

-Faulty door lock

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Durat al Emirates electrical & sanitary

Phone: 0529331066

Address: 993P+7QJ – Al Gharb – Um Altaraffa – Sharjah

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