Fridge repair in Al Muwaihat, Ajman – 0529331066

We are here to help you with your fridge repair in Al Muwaihat. Our qualified technicians are ready to fix any problems with your fridge, regardless of the brand or age. Whether you need a new thermostat or door seal, we have you covered.

If your fridge is not cooling properly, it’s time to call us! We offer same day service at an affordable price and can even give advice on how to maintain your appliance so that it lasts longer.

The fridge repair in Al Muwaihat, Ajman is a very important part of the home appliance. The refrigerator is a mechanical device that keeps the food items fresh and cool. It has three main parts; compressor, condenser, evaporator and other parts like an electric motor, electrical wiring and so on. The compressor works on the principle of refrigeration and it compresses gaseous refrigerant into liquid form by absorbing heat from the surrounding environment.

There are many reasons why your fridge may not be working properly. Some of these reasons could be:

– The door is not closing properly

– The thermostat is not working correctly

– The cooling system has failed due to lack of refrigerant or broken coils in the refrigerator compressor

If your refrigerator is not working correctly then it’s time to call our expert technicians who can help you get rid of this problem as soon as possible! We offer quality services at affordable prices without compromising on quality!

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