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We are the best HVAC repair company in Al Ain. Our services include chiller repair, duct cleaning and maintenance, as well as water heater repair service. We have experienced technicians who can fix all your air conditioners, heaters and other related equipment. We also offer free estimates on all our services at no extra cost to you.

Chiller Repair Service in Al Ain

When you need to repair a chiller, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to get help. But with our 24 hour emergency service and experienced technicians, we can be at your site in as little as 4 hours. Our technicians are trained to deal with all types of chillers – including repair and maintenance, servicing and installation.

Our team will take care of the problem quickly so that you don’t lose any money due to downtime or poor performance from your equipment. We offer a one year warranty on all repairs performed by us or one of our partners so that if anything goes wrong within this time period you can contact us for assistance without worrying about costs getting out of hand.

Chiller Maintenance Service in Al Ain

Chiller maintenance is an essential part of keeping your chiller running smoothly and efficiently. You should have at least one annual maintenance service performed by a professional.

It’s important to get a professional chiller maintenance service done for the safety of your employees and for the longevity of your equipment.

Duct Cleaning Service in Al Ain

Cleaning the air ducts is an essential step in maintaining your HVAC system. The air ducts are the pathways that carry warm or cool air throughout your home. This process can be easily done by a professional who has been trained and certified to do so, but if you want to save money and do it yourself, there are some things that you should consider first:

Duct Cleaning Benefits

Air quality: Duct cleaning helps improve the overall quality of your indoor air by removing dust particles from the system’s components.

Energy efficiency: Cleaning out dirty components will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems so they won’t have to work as hard to keep up with changes in temperature inside of your home during different seasons.

Indoor comfort: By reducing clogs within vents, ducts allow for more even distribution of conditioned air throughout all rooms on each level of a building without having any hot spots where one room might get too cold while another gets too hot because they’re farther away from where these systems’ vents are located closer towards their source outdoors.”

HVAC Repair Service in Al Ain

If you are having an HVAC problem in Al Ain, then you should know that there is a specialized service for this. If your air conditioning unit is not working properly or the heater is not producing enough heat, then the best thing to do is contact a professional to fix it. You can get in touch with us and we will send someone out right away to inspect your unit and provide you with an estimate on how much it will cost them to repair it.


If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC contractor in Al Ain, we are here to help you. Our team of experts can provide repair services for any type of air conditioning system, including heat pumps and chillers. Call us today at 0529331066

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