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Al Duhaisah, Ras Al Khaimah is a popular residential area in Ras Al Khaimah. The residents of this city are known for their love of home appliances and kitchen equipment. If you’re one of them and want to enjoy the best cooking experience, then it’s time to get your ovens repaired or replaced in case they’re not working properly.

Oven Repair
  • If there is no power to the oven:
  • Check that the circuit breaker or fuse box has not tripped. If it has, reset it and try again.
  • If this does not work, contact a qualified electrician to check whether there is an issue with the electrical wiring of your home.
  • If the oven will not heat up:
  • Make sure that all parts are properly connected to each other and that they are clean. Also check if any of these parts have been damaged in some way (useful information on how to fix an oven).

If none of these things seem to be causing problems with your stove repair job then call us at 0529331066

Gas Range Repair

Gas Range Repair

Gas ranges have become very popular due to the fact that they are more energy-efficient than electric models. However, improper installation and maintenance can cause problems with your gas range. Here are some common gas range repair issues and how to fix them:

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers are more energy efficient than washing the dishes by hand. For example, you can save up to 75% of your water use per wash cycle by using a dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. Additionally, they use less electricity and detergent than if you were to hand-wash your dishes in an electric sink. Dishwashers are also more environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand because they don’t require as much soap or water for each load, which means that there will be less waste from detergents used in the process.

Lastly, dishwashers are much more convenient than washing your own plates! There’s no longer any need to scrub away at stains on pots and pans; instead just load them into a dishwasher and press start!

Washer & Dryer Repair

If you’re having any problems with your washer and dryer, or if the performance of your machine has decreased, then we can help. Our professional technicians are able to fix all makes and models of washers and dryers.

We will diagnose the problem with your appliance and determine whether it is an easy fix; in some cases, a simple repair will be sufficient. However, if there are parts that need to be replaced or other issues that need addressing before you can use your machine again, we will let you know what needs doing so that there are no surprises when we come back to complete the job.

We offer same day repairs on all makes of washers and dryers (including Bosch).

Gas Stove Repair

Obtain a thermometer and check the temperature of the oven. If it’s lower than what you prefer, set the oven to the highest temperature setting, then turn on your stovetop burners and wait for them to heat up. Don’t turn on the broiler or cooktop burner yet!

Once your burners are hot enough that they are barely glowing red (or any other color), turn off all but one of them and you should be able to get closer to your desired temperature this way.

Use an oven cleaner that can be used on glass surfaces like Pyrex instead of metal ones like stainless steel; acid-based cleaners will eat away at metal surfaces quickly! Rinse well after using because these cleaners may leave residue behind if not rinsed thoroughly before using again later down in future months/years when needed again someday once again down further into future years when needed again someday once more soon after later down further into later years just around corner past corner right around corner past corner right around corner soon after

Fix your appliances to give it a longer life.

Fixing appliances before they fail is the best way to avoid unnecessary costs, inconvenience and stress.

Regular maintenance is important for your appliances because it will extend their lifespan and allow you to avoid unnecessary repairs. When an appliance breaks down unexpectedly, it can be very inconvenient for you and stressful too. This is why regular maintenance should be part of your household routine at least once every three months or so.


There are many repair companies in Al Duhaisah, but few of them offer quality services. We at meps Home Appliance Repair have been providing reliable and efficient appliance repair services since 2011. Our expert technicians are highly skilled and they use the latest tools and equipment to ensure that their work is done well. They will come to your home on time, assess the situation, diagnose it and fix whatever is wrong with your appliance at minimal cost.

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