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Is your fridge broken and you have no clue on what to do? Or maybe you’re just looking for a company to service your appliance in Al Qasimia Sharjah? If so, then MEPS is the right company for you!

Fridge Repair Al Qasimia Sharjah

-If your fridge is not cooling or freezing properly, it may be time to call in a professional. Repairs can be costly, but with a little know-how, you can do it yourself. Here are five tips for fixing a refrigerator at home:

  1. Check the coils – If the coils are not cooling or freezing properly, this is likely the problem. Remove them and clean them with a coil cleaning solution. Make sure to dry them before reinstalling them.
  2. Look for leaks – If there are big leaks around the fridge or freezer, water will be constantly entering and leaving the unit, causing it to fail. Fix these leaks by using silicone sealant or foam tape around the junctions where the pipes meet the wall or ceiling. Make sure to wait until the sealant or tape has dried before moving anything else.
  3. Clear out the shelves – If food is piled up on top of the freezer or refrigerator shelves, it can cause problems like condensation and ice build-up on the inside of the unit. Remove all of the food from the shelves and wipe down both sides with a damp cloth. Then replace any food that was removed and re-attach any shelves that were removed.
What is Appliance Repairs?

Appliance repairs are a common service that we offer our customers in Al Qasimia Sharjah. We take care of all your appliance needs, from fixing a broken screen to repairing a freezer that won’t work. We have the experience and skills required to get your appliances up and running again quickly and efficiently. Contact us today if you need appliance repairs in Al Qasimia Sharjah!

Is appliance repair worth it?

If you live in Sharjah, there is a good chance that your refrigerator is not running as smoothly as it once did. Although the cost of repairs can be expensive, many homeowners find the repair process worthwhile.

Here are four reasons why appliance repair in Sharjah might be worth your time:

  1. You May Be Able to Fix It Yourself – Depending on the type of refrigerator, most repairs can be done by a homeowner with a little DIY know-how. In some cases, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and some patience.
  2. Repairs Can Often Be Completed Quickly – Most refrigerator repairs can be finished within a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the unit. This allows you to get your refrigerator back up and running as quickly as possible.
  3. The Cost of Repairs Can Often Be Less Than Entering into a New Contract – If you are looking to replace your fridge rather than repairing it, then you may be able to save money by doing the repair yourself. In some cases, repairing a refrigerator may cost less than purchasing a brand new model.
  4. There May Be Additional Warranty Benefits – Many appliance manufacturers offer
How much does appliance repairs cost?

The average cost of a refrigerator repair in Sharjah is AED 100.
Appliance Repairs in Sharjah will usually include the following:

  • Extraction and cleaning of the fridge’s coils
  • Checking for any damage caused to the compressor or fan motor
  • Replacing any parts that have failed due to age or wear
  • Rebuilding or fixing any part of the refrigerator that has been damaged

Where do I go for appliance repairs?

If you’re in Al Qasimia and your refrigerator is not cooling or freezing, there’s a good chance you can take it to one of the many repair shops in town.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to go for repairs:

  • Appliance Repair Sharjah
  • Appliance Repair Centre
  • Appliance Repair Services

Who’s qualified to do appliance repairs in Al Qasimia Sharjah?

If you have a fridge that is not working and you need it repaired, there are a few people you should call. One is a local technician who is familiar with all the different types of fridges. Another option is to go to a repair shop. Repair shops usually have a wide variety of parts and tools, so they can usually repair most appliances.

Best ways to maintain your fridge during the winter

One of the most common problems with fridges is that they stop working properly in the winter. Here are some tips to help keep your fridge running smoothly all winter long:

  1. Check your freezer and refrigerator temperatures regularly. Make sure that they are both cold enough so that food can freeze, but not so cold that it’s difficult to open the door or shelves. If one of your appliances is too cold, let it warm up gradually to its operating temperature before using it again.
  2. Keep food properly stored. Do not overcrowd your fridge or store items in the freezer that will go bad quickly such as meat, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. These items will spoil more quickly in a crowded fridge or freezer.
  3. Clean your refrigerator regularly. Remove all food debris, dust, and crumbs from the shelves and doors. Wipe down the interior with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your appliance as this can damage it over time.
  4. Replace worn parts as needed. Fridge parts such as door seals, cooling coils, water filters, and condenser fans can become damaged over time and need to be replaced periodically in order for your
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