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Fridge repair in Arabian Ranches Dubai

Fridge repair and maintenance

Fridge service center provides professional repair and maintenance services. Our technicians are well trained to handle all sorts of fridge repairs, servicing & installation. We offer complete solution for all your fridge needs. We provide services across all areas of Dubai.

What is the reason behind a refrigerator not cooling?

The first thing to check is if the power supply is cut off or not and if so then check the plug fuse, wall socket etc. If they are fine then it could be problem with the compressor or fan motor bearing. In case the door seal has lost its elasticity then also it could lead to loss of cooling as there would be leakage of cold air outside leading to condensation which will get inside leading to frosting of coils and hence loss of cooling efficiency. When there is a gas leakage or low gas pressure also we see problems with cooling. There could also be minor faults like thermostat not working etc which can easily be fixed by our technicians at home itself without any need for you calling us out for such simple things at your home in Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE

Fridge repair and maintenance
  • The fridge should be cleaned regularly. To clean the inside of your fridge, wipe it with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch the metal surfaces of the appliance and make them look dull.
  • Make sure that your fridge is always level. This ensures that food does not dry out or spoil prematurely due to uneven temperatures inside your appliance.
  • If you notice that ice cubes are melting quickly in your freezer rather than freezing up solid, it may mean that there is too much moisture in the air inside your freezer compartment or that it is improperly sealed against ambient humidity levels outside of it (which can happen if condensation builds up on walls). Simply defrosting will usually fix this problem temporarily; however if you find yourself having to defrost more often than once every few months then consider having an expert service technician come over for an inspection before replacing expensive parts unnecessarily!
Fridge maintenance service

Fridges are a necessity in our daily life. They help us to store food and drinks and keep them cool so that we can consume them at any time. Fridges also serve as a source of fresh food, keeping it safe from bacteria and contamination. The contents inside the fridge need not be thrown away every day because of spoilage; they can be preserved for long periods with the help of refrigerators.

Fridge repair refrigerant gas filling
  • The most common type of refrigerator is the chest, which has a large box-like body with one or more doors. Most US households have this style, but not all American refrigerators are of this kind.
  • The fridge is divided into two separate compartments: the freezer section at the bottom and the fridge compartment above it. When you open your fridge door, everything in the fridge compartment should be visible at once, including shelves and drawers if there are any.
Fridge repair compressor replacement Arabian Ranches Dubai

When your compressor breaks down, the first thing you should do is call a professional to replace it. A refrigerator compressor is one of the most important parts in a refrigerator and if it breaks down it can cause major damage. A broken compressor can cause your refrigeration system to fail, which will result in thousands of dirhams worth of food being wasted. The good news is that replacing a broken compressor isn’t expensive. A skilled technician can have your fridge working again within a few hours at an hourly rate and you won’t be out any more than what you would spend on replacing an entire fridge yourself!

Fridge Maintenance Arabian Ranches Dubai

You should be able to perform basic maintenance of your fridge and freezer. This will help you to keep them running smoothly and prevent the need for a professional repair.

  • Cleaning: Dust, dirt and grease can build up on the inside of your fridge over time. This makes it harder for air to circulate which can cause your food to spoil more quickly or not cool down enough in the freezer section. It is recommended that you wipe down both sides of all shelves with warm water, dish soap or glass cleaner every few weeks. You may also want to vacuum around the back panels where dust tends to collect as well as underneath where food items drop off shelves during use (this is one reason why we recommend using wire shelving).
  • Drying Rack: Leaving wet bottles in your fridge overnight will result in mold growth if not dried properly before putting away again – especially true for milk jugs! Soaking them in hot water first will help speed up this process but remember never leave anything sitting out overnight without being carefully dried first!
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  • Installation: Inclusive of all material, labour and accessories required to complete the work.
Fridge Repairing Service in Arabian Ranches Dubai

At Fridge Repairing Service in Arabian Ranches Dubai, we provide a full range of services for all residents of Arabian Ranches Dubai. Whether you need your fridge repaired or want to buy a new one, we can help. We provide services to all brands, models and sizes of refrigerators. Our experts are also able to repair any type of refrigerator whether it is the high-end model or an old fashioned one.

We offer round the clock services so that our customers can get their refrigerators fixed whenever they want it done without any hassle and inconvenience caused by waiting in queues for hours at local stores or service centres nearby their homes in Arabian Ranches Dubai UAE.

Our aim is to provide fast & quality refrigerator services to all residents of Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE.

Our aim is to provide fast & quality refrigerator services to all residents of Arabian Ranches Dubai, UAE. Our team is highly skilled and trained to handle all types of refrigerator problems. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the best refrigerator services in Dubai.


Our company offers a range of services for the maintenance and repair of refrigerators. We are ready to help you at any time with our team of experts who have over 15 years of experience in the field. We provide our clients with fast, quality services at affordable prices!

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