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If you are looking for the best Siemens washing machine repair in Dubai, then look no further! We provide a wide range of services from emergency repair to full maintenance and installation of your appliances at an affordable price!

Reason that Causes Siemens Washing Machine to Malfunction:
  • Gas Leaks: If there is a gas leak in your house, it could be harmful for you and your family members. The washing machine needs to be checked for any signs of leaking gas.
  • Wiring Issues: There may be some issues with the wiring or electrical cables inside the washing machine that has caused it not to work properly. You should contact an expert technician immediately if this happens so that they can repair it quickly before anything bad happens due to exposure or lack of maintenance.
  • Poor Ventilation: Another reason why your Siemens Washing Machine is malfunctioning could be due to poor ventilation around it. This could lead to overheating which causes damage to internal components like bearings and belts etc., thus leading them not working smoothly anymore without proper lubrication from oil reserves within their systems which soon runs out after use over time if not replenished regularly either by yourself through regular cleaning efforts using detergent based cleaners specifically made for such purposes as well as professional intervention services provided by local technicians who know exactly what needs fixing where within these appliances when repairing them professionally themselves upon request at home (preferably before installation).
Gas Leaks

Gas Leak in Washing Machines

A gas leak is a very dangerous situation that needs to be addressed immediately. Here are some guidelines on how you can detect a gas leak and what you should do when you encounter one:

  • What is a Gas Leak? The most common cause of a gas leak is when the washing machine uses too much water and causes it to overflow, which causes water entering into the pipeline. As more time passes by, this can lead to corrosion causing it to break down over time. If there’s any sign of rusting or leaking pipes then it’s best not to use your washing machine until its fixed by professional technicians who have experience with repairing these types of appliances.
  • How Do You Detect A Gas Leak? This is done by inspecting both sides of the pipe where your water supply enters at one end (where it connects with your main supply line). Also check underneath your sink for any signs of rusting before turning on any faucets or running hot taps; if there’s any kind of discoloration then this means there might be something wrong with either one or both connections – either way though we recommend calling us first before doing anything else!


Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is the main reason why your washing machine is not drying. If you notice that clothes are still wet after the cycle has ended, this could be due to poor ventilation. Ventilation problems can result from a number of factors, including:

  • The washing machine is not ventilated properly
  • The washing machine is located in a well-ventilated area
  • The washing machine is located in a room with poor air circulation or poor ventilation

When your washing machine is noisier than normal, it can be quite annoying. You may hear the loud noise while you are in the kitchen or during late night when you want to sleep. To fix this issue, make sure that you have checked the following:

  • The water level inside your machine is not low
  • Your drum lock mechanism is not loose

If these two factors are fine, then there could be some other reasons for this problem such as drum bearings being worn out and need replacement. If this is the case then only replacing them will solve your problem completely.

Problem in Switching on the System

If you are facing any problem in switching on your system, then the following points should be checked:

  • Check the circuit breaker.
  • Check the power cord.
  • Check the fuse, if there is any fuse present in your washing machine then it has to be replaced with new one and reset it by twisting with pliers.
  • Check the water supply, if there is no water coming after switching on then check all connections of hot and cold water lines, make sure that no air gaps are present anywhere in these lines as this may cause a leak or clogging of filters etc., so make sure that all connections are properly tightened or sealed with rubber washers/gaskets and try to run some hot & cold cycles to check whether there is any leakage from these lines or not by observing carefully at each joint point using torch light at night time when machine makes noise while running (around 2 minutes) as it shows bubbles forming around joints when pressure builds up inside pipelines due to heat generation inside pipes during washing cycle for about 10 minutes after which air will get evaporated out through valves leading towards drum which creates vacuum inside drums itself causing valves near pump assembly opening up thus allowing them back into position after completion of wash cycle so that drum can rotate freely once again
Drain Pump Problem

One of the most important parts of your washing machine is the drain pump. It is responsible for sucking water out of the drum and draining it into your home’s drainage system. If the main drain pump stops working, then you will get blocked drainage pipes, flooding in your home, and mold growing on walls around your washing machine.

If you are facing issues with your washing machine, call us for repair and maintenance services.

If you are facing issues with your washing machine, call us for repair and maintenance services.

We are certified siemens washing machine repair technicians. We provide same day service. Call us on 800-069-9631 to get a free estimate or an advice from our experienced team members.

We offer free pick up and drop facility at all the locations in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain city limits including Jebel Ali Industrial City (JAFZA).


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